Glasgow Wedding Photographer - Sheila Galvin "Wedding Photography isn't just a job – it's a passion, and this passion is recreated in my work. I love the uniqueness of each wedding, I love the challenge of capturing each couple’s personality and I love the creative freedom that each wedding provides. I'm with you to record how brilliant a day you are having, the moments shared and the love and emotions experienced”

Sheila Galvin Photography, Scottish Wedding Photographer Sheila Galvin shoots wedding, family lifestyle, pet and corporate photography. Located in Renfrewshire, Scotland.

A little bit about me.....

My passion for photography started as a child, growing up in Zimbabwe, photographing wildlife and the stunning landscapes and sunsets.
As a teenager I moved to Scotland, got married, settled in Renfrewshire, and now have two beautiful children. My photography interests moved to wanting to capture each and every stage of my children's development. After working mainly with family lifestyle portraiture, I was asked to take photographs at a friend of a friend's wedding which started me in the direction of wedding photography - and that is what has taken up most of my working life since then. I thoroughly enjoy the experience - the excitement of the day, the uniqueness of each wedding, the pure love shown on the day between two people who are committing themselves to each other for life and sharing their day with their family and friends. What can I say..... I just love weddings and all that comes along with them. I always feel it an honour and a privilege to be part of them.